Alternator DEMO Wiring, connection to Battery, Capacitors, Inverter, Modification

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.....This video is just for entertainment and educational purposes. Alternator demo using a Delco CS alternator, this alt has a built in regulator and has a output voltage 14.5v to15v, 75 -105 amp. The induction motor is powered from home 120v ac current I'm only using the motor because it much easier to talk over and explain things unlike with a loud gasoline engine running. In this video I'm showing some the wiring and hooking up to battery also capacitors. I have done a small mod to the alt so you can use it with or without the built in regulator, with this mod you can us it to run power tools with universal motors also arc weld, and run the alt self energized. You would be hooking this alternator to an engine, of course you can just buy a generator which puts out much more wattage. This is not practical generator please buy a generator, let myself and the others gear heads build this crap.
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