Aluminium car parts melt with oil Burner simple furnace

Firing up the oil Powered scrapping furnace to melt down a bunch of old Subaru Aluminum parts. See the other 70 odd vids on my channel for other burner fireups, construction and tutorials. Using a modest output from my DIY waste oil burner, I was able to melt these parts down quick and yield 25 Kg of clean aluminum. This Simple furnace that cost nothing to build would be fast and powerful enough to melt down a LOT of material in a continuous process in scrap yard and other places with quantities of "Dirty" ( steel contaminated) aluminum scrap.

Running on Free waste Vegetable or old engine oil, the thing is very cost effective and certainly produces plenty of heat for this foundry.

I get these parts from my fathers scrap yard. Having steel parts which are difficult and time consuming to separate, the scrap yards will only pay steel prices which is next to nothing. As clean aluminum it is worth around $1.50 per kilo here. The "aloominum" as the Americans say, is also good for casting in home foundry into other objects .

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