Aluminium casting with a homemade melting foundry inspired by Grant Tompson

In this video we follow goldsmith Daan Uttien in making a 1 kg. aluminium wall anchor with the sodacan-furnace inspired by grant tompson https://www.youtube.com/Thekingofrandom

Inspired on: Melting Cans With The Mini Metal Foundry

Casting a 1 kilogram aluminium wall anchor with the sodacan-furnace, in homemade casting sand by goldsmith SawuGo, heating up one kilogram of aluminium to cast, takes around 1 hour (not including starting the coals..) We have improved the airflow of the furnace by using a big compressor, while a hair dryer doesn’t quite give enough power,

next time we will improve the airflow with a different type of ventilator, while it’s not really good for the compressor to be pumping air for two/three hours in a row. and we will also try a heavier welded casting crucible because the fire extinguisher is quite fragile at high temperatures (especially because we welded two handles on it for saver casting and easier handling

-next time
-improved airflow/ventilator
-quality castingsand and a double form
-bronze/messing casting

Daan Uttien - Goldsmith

Music: Psychadelik_Pedestrian - Another Boring Lunchtime
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