Amazing - New kind of Magnet motor. This is not a fake, but

But self running devices are a fake, they CAN´T run.
This magnetmotor is a replication of a Gravimag magnetmotor.
I want to start a discussion .
I am so tired of all the videos that declares - self-running engines, magnetmotors, free energy devices, overunity power, vacuum energy, selfpowering, gravity motors, perpetual motion free energy, etc. - Do not be fooled by these videos.
Nothing will work without input of energy.
There can never get more energy out than coming in.
This is a fact. This is a law of nature.
Everlasting machines can never run.
Do not waste your time with replications of such things.
Sorry for your energy dreams. Free energy comes from the SUN and wind.
It is my opinion.
Have a good day. Larskro
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