Ambient Solar Harvester Starts Ossilating From 60mv

In this video I show an Ambient Solar Energy Harvester, that Starts and runs from as Little as 60mv input, at approx 1.2mA. Output is nothing special, from such low light. It could be used to collect and boost trace power from many untapped sources. a few of these, with output caps in series/parallel as required, could charge/run many devices, IN THE SHADE!!

Here is an example of what can be done with this type of circuit. No need to pay the hundreds of dollars charged by the big manufacturers. You can do it yourself with Less than $5 on eBay and a few scrap parts. Please note I'm not aware of ANY commercially available system, that will run from under .4v. Please drop me a link in the comments if you come across any.

Coil wind is 190:10, with long winding attached to base of transistor. Transistor is AC141K Germanium. Solar panel is one of the cheapest Monocrystaline cells on eBay. There is a 25v 1000µF capacitor being charged from the output, with random signal diode on Neg lead of capacitor, Attached to the base. I forgot to check it's charge in the video. Some cloud has rolled in since filming, and I have 1.7v (and dropping) in the cap, which has been charging nearly an hour since adding the second panel. Which is quite a bit more Voltage than I was expecting!

Is this a world record? I'm certainly not aware of any energy harvesters that can run within a degree of magnitude of my circuits. MIN Run Wattage is in the low hundred Micro watts range.. Bit hard to tell accurately with my test kit.. [edit I have now found a Depletion mode JFET Joule thief that start's and run's from 0.086V and lights an LED which this circuit will not do. Horses for Courses I guess]

No resistors are used. Reducing energy wasted as heat.

Short circuit values of the cells can be seen here:

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