"Antigravity" Method 4 of 15,Tornado Ion Vortex, Electro-Hydro-Dynamic-Thruster-(EHD), Group IC

Tornado-Vortex drive propulsion Filmed 1991-1996 4.0 of 15 methods of levitating an object known to the author John Iwaszko, edited from the video Antigravity the reality made in 1996. The antigravity method shown in this edit, is referred to as Tornado Vortex Could tornados be a conductor of an electrified currents of air which supersedes the existing modern meteorological theories. How do electrons flow through a wire. The experiments shown indicate that tornados most likely are electrical in nature, but that the electrification is also the cause of the intense winds, which in the experiments, objects are levitated upon. Also discussed are experiments and theories that have shown that electron flow is sustained by the equal and opposite flow of IPACs (Interactive Phased Aligned-glued Carriers), in keeping with Newtons third law of motion in the now forgotten theory from experiments that was first published in 1991 and was first observed in 1842 and is the same mechanism at play in tornados, lightning and water spouts.
This method can also be classified as a form of an EHD thruster which is an electrohydrodynamic device. These types of devices ionise air and move charged ion clouds in a direction to transfer momentum to neutral air molecules. Newton's third law of motion, states that every action has an equal and opposite to reaction, and the EHD thruster will move in the opposite direction of the ion cloud, and in the case of the method shown the device balances itself within the ion stream between the two conducting spheres, one that contains a smaller positive electrode on top of the sphere that generates the ion stream to the other negative larger collector sphere.

WARNING:- Some of these experiments operate directly from 240VAC mains supply or far higher voltages at high currents are potentially lethal. Do not build unless you know exactly what you are doing. Do not touch any part of the equipment while it is plugged into a mains outlet. And remember that the methods described do not conform to any electrical safety standard and many of the experiments performed are downright dangerous.
Powerful magnets such as neodymium magnets or powerful magnetic fields generated by coils can be dangerous and not to be played with. Powerful magnets or magnetic fields can crush fingers. The power of magnetism can also cause chunks of metal to take flight.
Extremely intense sounds can burst ear drums or can be physically painful to human ears. High-intensity ultrasound waves are extremely dangerous to experiment with as they can heat human tissue by absorbing ultrasound energy which becomes heat by vibration and corresponding energy loss.
Exposure to radio frequency energy or ionizing radiation that can be generated by coils can not only burn as they get hot but also cause radiation burns, damage to the skin or other biological tissue.
Be careful! Use good solid judgement in your work, and think ahead. I John Iwaszko do not endorse the experiments shown, and am merely passing on information, I have learnt through experiment. Safety is your responsibility!
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