Aquaponics supercapacitor assisted solar powered pump, 3 continued

Using a 300GPH 12V 110W pump from Harborfreight, a DIY solar panel that I made a few years back, and a super capacitor composed of 6X500F@2.7V... 83F @16.2V. I charge the capacitor to around 10V because it it not balanced. In other videos you will see how much it pumps at 10V. ON this video, it starts at 3.5 and dropping, so the end of the useful power, when I then connect the panel up. At that point the voltage starts to go up to 3.2V and holds there. You can see that the pump keeps going never stopping. With the solar panel alone this is not possible. I am not 100% sure why this is, but I bet it is because the solar panel alone probably drops to a too low voltage. As rober murray smith has shown, these ultracapacitors are based on activated carbon and so they are relatively safe to dispose of "later?" when? I don't know how long they will last. Next step is to add a relay switch controlled by a programable MSP430 chip. Since this will run strong for 5 minutes and kind of weak continuously, I have a lot of flexibility as to what power cycle to run to get an aquaponics-like ebbenflow. The experiment shows a head of 3Feet. the total cost is around 100$ for everything less elbow grease. I mean it took like 5 minutes to cut and put all the pieces together, anyone can make this easily. The electronics I will present later maybe this week after I test them, less then 20 bucks probably. you can get the capacitors here: One shipment took just a week, the next one took a whole month... Or go to Robert Murray Smith's youtube channel he shows you how to make one DIY start to finish with all the chemicals and processes. His last videos show it all in short.
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