Arkansas Energy Office brags about good efficiency programs & promoting green energy scam programs 2

The Arkansas Joint Energy Committee met Monday January 30th 2017. This meeting mainly dealt with introductions of lobbyist and a description of an office that deals with energy policy.
Arkansas has wasted millions of dollars in green energy in projects such as an ethanol station only a few miles from the Arkansas State Capitol that is now shut down and LM Windpower, a company that got over $14 million in tax exemptions.
This commmittee could decide to continue or eliminate the Arkansas Alternative Energy Commission (HB1053). American voters, especially in Arkansas, have rejected the climate change carbon reduction agenda. Man's carbon footprint is less than 3% of the Earth's carbon, which is only 3% of the Earth's atmosphere.
The Committee is scheduled to meet every Monday at 11am. You can contact members of the committee and tell them to vote down HB1053 & any other bills that waste taxpayer funds on the green agenda.

Sen. Bryan King, Chair Sen. Scott Flippo, Vice-Chair Sen. Cecile Bledsoe Sen. Stephanie Flowers Sen. Jonathan Dismang Sen. Eddie Joe Williams Sen. Ronald Caldwell Sen. Alan Clark Sen. Gary Stubblefield Sen. Linda Collins-Smith
Rep. Rick Beck, Chair Rep. Ken Henderson, Vice-Chair Rep. Matthew J. Shepherd Rep. Ken Bragg Rep. Bob Ballinger Rep. Monte Hodges Rep. Kim Hendren Rep. Jack Ladyman Rep. Robin Lundstrum Rep. Grant Hodges Rep. Justin Gonzales Rep. James J. Sorvillo Rep. Steve Hollowell Rep. Danny Watson Rep. Jeff Williams
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