Arma 3 Merc Ops ep.2 "Bingo Fuel"

Make sure you check out Spawn's perspective here!

Our objective is to capture enemy supply trucks containing fuel.

It's beneficial for both rebels and our organisation since we can use the fuel for our assets at the airport.

For this op. we're starting as a three man team, but we get two reinforcements along the way.

Stay tuned for new episodes! Peace!
Main Mods used:
Mission Control Center, Massi US Devgru Units, NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz Weapons, TMR Modular Realism, A3MP, CAF Aggressors, ShacTac Fireteam Hud, Blastcore A3, JSRS2, Task Force Arrowhead Radio
Music by
Intro: Robert Duncan - Fired Up Feels Good
Outro: Arma III OST - This is War

Content used in the intro provided by AsphyxEvents
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