Arrange 18650 cells into DIY Tesla powerwall packs

Arranging 18650 cells into packs that will spread the capacity even among your tesla power wall!
Reducing balance issues in the end.
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Disclaimer. This is not a substitute for a good BMS! A BMS will always be needed for proper protection and keeping the cells in balance!

When arranging the cells I always arrange the cells in 100mAh buckets. Always make sure you have enough cells before you assemble any packs so you can easily spread them evenly among all the packs.
This will ensure that you in the end get less work and you dont have to calculate your packs to get them even. You will also end up with even packs in terms of types of cells.

I do not meassure IR due to that i run low current application in terms of current per cell. The IR for me is not that rellevant and the ones with high IR are removed by the discharge test it self.
Im not saying you shouldnt use IR... Thats up to you :)

The testers that is used are generally not that precise so therefore i arrange them in 100mAh buckets. For instance the Opus can easily diff 10% between tests. For instance due to bad contact!

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Links to 18650 Playlist with all videos needed!

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