AS Solar's DIY Solar Panel Installation, Part 1: Introduction

Part 1 - Watch a solar expert from AS Solar demonstrate how to install a Do It Yourself (DIY) solar panel kit. With this easy to follow guide, you can now easily install a roof solar panel system in your home!

In this first video, we introduce the products we'll be using, show you how we've set up our example roof, and talk a bit about the most important part of any installation - finding the trusses on the inside of the roof. We highly recommend renting a really high-end stud finder for this step, models from Milwaukee and Bosch have worked well for us, practically everything else we've tried basically didn't work at all.

This system uses standard 60-cell solar panels, micro-inverters from Sparq Systems, and the K-Rack and K-flash mounting systems from Kinetic Solar. Everything, other than the tools, was made in Ontario.

All of these products can be seen and ordered on our web site, http://assolar.com
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