Ask a Scientist About Droughts, Extreme Weather and Climate Change

It's been a summer of record-breaking heat. Do you have questions about droughts, heat waves, extreme weather, and climate change? Ask a scientist! Michael Wehner is a climate scientist in Berkeley Lab's Computational Research Division. He uses high-performance computing to study extreme weather events in a changing climate, especially heat waves, floods, droughts and hurricanes.

Michael answered some of your questions in this August 21 video:

You may have questions about these extremes events. Are some of them the result of climate change? Are they natural variations in our normal climate? Or are these extremes caused by a combination of both of these effects? And how do scientists tell the difference?

Michael invites you to send in your questions. He'll answer a few of them in a follow-up video soon.

We're taking questions through August 17!

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