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You probably already know that clean water is precious and quickly becoming rare and expensive. It has been noted that there are 60,000 chemicals in our environment - but only a handful of these are required to be tested in your tap drinking water.

Why take the risk with your health by drinking contaminated water when you have another option? What you need is one of our patented Atmospheric Water Generator machines.

Our machines come in a variety of sizes and water usage needs. We have many different machines that range in amount of water generated depending on the humidity, home and travel/portable sizes, electric and solar adaptable available. Contact us today to talk about your water quantity needs.

So, let learn about it. Where do we get the water from and how does it work?

Atmospheric water is moisture in the air that surrounds us all. There is so much water in the air its almost not able to be understood. There is approximately 3,100 cubic miles in size; a cubic mile of water equals 1 trillion gallons – wow! I guess you'll have to calculate that.

Its really simple if you think about it. You might be aware that orchids utilize this ambient air it and they don't usually need to be watered. You can also see this water on the outside of your iced drink on a hot day. It is also seen in the dew on grass when the temperature drops. You have seen it - now you can drink it.

Our atmospheric water has no human added chemicals that you can find in tap water like chlorine, chloramine, fluoride, as well as copper sulfate, potassium permagmate, and hydrofluoric acid. Why would you want to drink any of these?

Our Atmospheric Water Generators capture this atmospheric water from the air, the water is then ultraviolet light sterilized and filtered. It is similar to distilled water and contains no trace minerals, which should be added.

You think your better with bottled water? Bottled water is not a thoroughly regulated industry and can be more expensive than a gallon of fuel. You might be surprised to learn that Bottled water comes from sources like streams, lakes, reservoirs, ground water, and even from city water supplies. Why take the chance? Our atmospheric water machines are the answer.
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