Australian Friend Demonstrates His Pedal Powered Fisher and Paykel Generator

A local friend here in Australia invited me over to see his homemade pedal powered generator which uses an old exercise bike and a Fisher and Paykel motor from a washing machine.

When he showed me how he could hardly pedal much at all before blowing out the light bulb I was already totally impressed with this machine.

He simply took an old exercise bike and strapped on a Fisher and Paykel washing machine motor.

When you pedal the bike the motor is turned and produces electricity. The faster you pedal the more voltage is produced.

My friend Danny got the generator output up to 1,000 volts AC at one point but he was pedaling furiously at that time.

With a relaxed speed he can run a 55 watt light bulb at 240 volts AC with no problem. He showed the bike generator powering a standard fan rated at 65 watts as well. It sure was pushing out the air.

Then we hooked up a 300 watt blender and Danny pedaled the bike. We turned on the light bulb as a sort of indicator of the voltage so he did not burn out the blender. The blender turns with ease at a gentle pace on the bike.

At one point we ran the light bulb, blender and fan all at once but I sadly did not get that on video. This was over 400 watts of power.

This homemade bike generator is quite amazing. I have heard a lot about the Fisher and Paykel motors before but now I am very much convinced that this is a great thing to have at home for emergency backup power.

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