Automotive Plasma Ignition Plasma Jet Spark Plug.

There's a 7.5mm ball in the tip of the ceramic in the end of the plug and a 2.5mm exit hole or channel that is the exit. Plasma is made from plasma ignition and builds its power in the hollowed tip then expands blowing out of the plug tip to the combustion chamber.Look for the flames and material, this was a mock up, not intended for use on a motor.Model.Once I perfect the build process I will have these for sale.I need to quality check also for normal engine use, they'd be experimental plugs, due to what some people may do with them on a bench or with other fuels.. Think of a FIRESTORM spark plug, Robert Kruppas, inside out. The ball is in the tip,improving the pressure thats released from the inside of the ball with enclosure. Please subscribe, Ill have a few more demos then working plugs and videos to go with them.Ill also have a large cap working soon to try to fry it. Thanks for looking!!
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