Avenue House - Zero Carbon Home

Avenue House is a 4,000 square foot house built in a Conservation Area. It has achieved Level 5 of the Code for Sustainable Homes. Level 5 is Zero Carbon, the house generates sufficient energy to heat and power itself plus achieves excellent scores across many sustainable design topics including water use, biodiversity and occupant wellbeing.

It was built using Insulated Concrete Form (ICF).

It achieved an airtightness score of 1.5. Building Regulations require a score of 10 or less.

Energy is supplied via an Air Source Heat Pump and a rooftop Solar Array. Avenue House is a net producer of energy. The occupant is receiving an income from the feed-in tariff, the renewable heat incentive and electricity exported to the grid.

There is a large rainwater storage tank beneath the rear terrace. The tank stores and filters rainwater for irrigation, toilet flushing and other household uses, such as supplying the washing machine. The net result is significantly reduced water usage, plus the ability to keep the garden lawn and beds watered during the summer.

The rainwater tank also provides attenuation during high levels of rainfall to help reduce local flooding. The new patio and drive surfaces are permeable to reduce water runoff into the local authority drains.

Construction waste was separated and recycled. 97% of demolition and construction waste was diverted from landfill.

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