Awesome Solar Air Heater for Off Grid Living, Tiny Houses, RVs and more..

Learn more about this awesome solar air heater that is self-contained and self-powered, and captures free heat from the sun to heat any space from an off-grid cabin, cottage, basement, garage, tiny house, or just a regular every day house. It's easy to use and only needs to be installed on a South-facing facade to function.

Designed & produced by the Quebec solar power company Eco Solaris (, this solar air heater is really affordable and can heat 30% of a 1000 square foot area, meaning it could reduce your heating bill by 30% for every 1000 square feet of living space (but it obviously only works during the day).

The photovoltaic solar panel produces electricity to power the fans inside the unit, while the heat panel absorbs heat from the sun which in turn heats up the air circulating through the panel before blowing it into whatever space you want it to heat. To see how the panel works, check out this short video made by the company:

We think this is an incredibly efficient and easy to use heat source that uses clean renewable energy and using these solar panels will help reduce our dependence on hydro and fossil fuel heat sources. We hope to see them installed on more and more houses in the future!

To learn more about this solar air heater and the company that makes them, you can visit the Eco Solaris website and follow them on Facebook & YouTube here:

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