Axial flux alternator, 12 inch diameter

Showing new 12 inch alternator and 12 coil stator build. The nagnet rotors are painted but magnet side is clear coated. Yellow paint was a little soft when I went to put it together so I messed that up. Will have to fix that later. I'm more concerned with getting it running right now. Stator is 70 turns of # 18 wire 2 in hand per coil, 4 coils per phase. I used 3/4 pressed board for shelving for the stator mold top and bottom and it didn't work out very well. It reacted to the fiberglass and the coating on it softend. Also it wasn't very strong. When I tightend it down the center stayed up slightly because the bolt started pulling through it. I'd use plywood next time. To get the 3/8 for the thickness I used two pieces of 1/8 inch luan. It comes out to exactly 3/8 when glued together. I made the mold a little bit to small it should have been about another 1/2 inch in diameter. I'll add a little mesh around the outside edge to protect the wires that are exposed a little there.
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