Backyard Foundry

I made this a few years ago from an obsolete propane tank. The lining is refractory cement with perlite added for insulation. The burner is made from iron pipe using a reduction fitting as the venturi and a capped tee with a #60 hole drilled through the cap for the gas jet. It is quite efficient and compact for the job it does. Due to this portability it could easily be used in remote areas to melt precious metals for refinement, transport, assay and trade. I recently completed the Graphite Crucible project and posted a video how to make one. Later I finally decided to make a full how-to foundry tutorial using more advanced inswool as insulation. The lining is Harbison Walker KS4 which has stood the test of time and well worth the money. Tutorials showing how to make it are available at:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
have fun
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