Basic Bedini SSG Motor

My SSG Bedini Pulse Motor as it was first working. Jet Ski(White Battery) is Sulfated and ready for trade in. However the Bedini pulse has taken it past where it would only charge to with a normal battery charger. John Bedini says that it will go from 55% to 110% of its capability with this kind of charger. As you add more coils and circuits you increase torque and speed of the wheel increasing the output. It is a win win for charging batteries that are either new or old with the 200v spike charge. Unfortunatlely you can not grid tie the batteries until they are not being charged because it blows up the converter. By adding nine more coils and circuits and using it as a motor to run axial flux alternators you can grid tie the axial flux alt output and charge a battery bank for backup or run at night when the solar panels do not get light.(Solar Panels being optional or additional.) With a solar charger and a solar panel you can also keep the motor running off of the Primary or drive battery and never see it stop. EV Grin..,LOL.
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