Batrium guide - Introduction to battery protection for your powerwall

Quick look at how we can hook up a shunt trip to a Batrium system. Good protection for your DIY Tessla powerwall.

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Important information: In next 1-2 videos you will see more advanced and better setups. This video is just a quick introduction
A shunt trip breaker protecting your power wall is a must if you ask me. "WHAT IF" is what we need to think of. You always should design your system for worst case scenario.

Its simple and easy to protect your powerwall this way. Most shunt trips can be hooked up in 1 way or another.

The breaker used in this video: (All links below to EBAY)

You can also search for ABB S5N. In my case its a 300A unit.

Trip shunt for din mounted breakers:

Links to my system and current layout:

Links to Batrium side:
Expansion board and how to wire it:

Stay tuned for more Batrium guide videos :)


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