BBC News reports on CEMEX's Alternative Fuels use in UK

This report from BBC News highlights our use of Climafuel, which is derived from household residual waste and commercial waste. It looks like shredded paper and consists of paper, cardboard, wood, carpet, textiles, and plastics that have been through a treatment process. It is a solid, non-hazardous fuel from which recoverable materials have been removed for recycling. The biomass content within Climafuel is also considered carbon neutral, which means that using it reduces the carbon footprint associated with cement-making.

In 2012, CEMEX consolidated its leadership in the use of lower carbon alternative fuels, reaching an alternative fuels substitution rate of 27.1 percent, one of the highest rates among its global peers. Globally, the company's alternative fuel strategy enabled it to avoid the use of 2.3 million tons of coal and the emission of 1.8 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

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