BBQ Forge Build - DIY Professional Blacksmiths Side Blast Forge

Watch Joshua De lisle AWCB walk you through the creation process with his hand forged works of Art and Luxury items.

In this episode Joshua creates a blacksmithing side blast forge for less than £100 by converting an off the shelf barbecue.

Watch the full DIY build with lots of helpful measurements and advice with a look at how the forge performs using Joshua's new 'Super Tue Iron'!

Parts List:

*Barbecue - minimum measurement 250mm (10") deep x 500mm (20") square/round.
**Super Tue Iron**
*Hot water pump - 12V Solar Battery-Powered Hot Water Circulation Pump DC Black TE091
*240V To DC 12V 5A Power Supply Adapter
*1/2" socket
*1/2" tank connectors x 2
*1/2" connector to push fit 15mm(5/8)OD pipe x 2
*15mm(5/8)OD copper pipes x 2 of 50mm(2") long
*Braided flexi pipe 1 of 25mm(1")ID x 1000mm(40") long
*Braided flexi pipe 2 of 15mm(5/8)ID x 1500mm(5') long
*Ball valve 25mm(1")
*1" male thread to pipe connectors x 2
*Universal/jubilee clips to fit braided pipes and one to fit the blower
*Blower to pipe connector (sown PVC fabric)
*metal or heat resistant material water tank (open system not closed)
*Bouncy castle blower
*Builders sand x 2 of 20kg bags
*PTFE tape

Tools needed:

*power drill
*Metal core drill bit's from 15mm(5/8) to 25mm(1")
*screw driver
*Round file
*full safety gear

*do not use a closed system, must keep vented to atmosphere or boiling water under pressure will explode
*do not use paint thinner tins as the slightest residue can be explosive
*be careful with fire and do not use it near flammable materials

PDF for ideal side blast forge dimensions link:
Coming soon, leave a comment and Joshua will let you know when it's ready.

Order a Super Tue Iron here:



*In The Hall Of The Mountain King - by Grieg
*Silver Lakes - by Wes Hutchinson
*Home Base Groove - by Kevin MacLeod
*The Engagment - by Silent Partner
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