Bedini 3 coil motor generator, Hall effect and circuits

Bedini circuit variations. Running with 9v battery, charging a 12v battery. Using Hall effect switches.
I've been experimenting for several months with various configurations and circuit changes to improve efficiency of the Bedini motor/generator.
Several circuits are shown on the video.
I figured out why I see a higher charge voltage when charging a higher voltage battery. The capacitors only discharge to the current charge battery voltage.
I replaced the reed switch I was using to discharge the capacitor with a Hall effect switch. I also tried replacing the transistor circuit with a Hall effect switch. The motor ran, but much slower.
In the video, the motor is running on a 9v battery and charging a 12v motorcycle battery.
I made numerous runs charging a 9v battery for 3 to 3 1/2 hours, then swapping the batteries and running again. I used both alkaline and NIMH batteries. I always stopped the run because the voltage on the battery being charged was getting too high. The run battery would read 7 - 8 volts at the end of the run.
When I ran without discharging the capacitors, they would quickly charge to 50 - 60 volts. I mean, in about 10 seconds. Again, I would stop the run because the capacitors are rated at 50v.
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