Bedini 6 pole monopole w/cap dump to primary, running @ 12v

A modified 3 pole monopole from r-charge.com. 6 coils and a 6 magnet rotor, running at 12v. Retrofitted with SmCo magnets to avoid coil saturation caused by neo magnets. Also fitted with a second 6 magnet rotor (w/neos) and 6 generator coils (yellow), the A/C output of which is routed through a FWBR and capacitor, then pulsed to the primary battery. The gear ratio for pulsing is 15:1. In this video, only 3 of the 6 motor (red) coils are activated and are sending radiant energy to the secondary battery. It will run and sustain rotation on all 6 coils, but it slows down by about 200-300 RPM. There are two 12v, 12ah batteries in use here. One powering the system and the other receiving charge. Generator coils (yellow) are producing about 10.5v and .80a a/c. During 8 hours of operation overnight, the primary dropped .04v and the secondary climbed .06v. It is running within a range of about 1400-1600 RPM. Pulsing to the primary makes a huge difference in the COP (coefficient of performance). No matching of coils, transistors, diodes, or resistors has been done, so this is still a rough build. I will be winding new coils with 19awg wire and will be building new circuits with matched components, but thought I would see what it can do with what I had already built, and with a cap pulsing to the primary while a commutator switches off the primary. (I said armature instead of commutator when I was describing the pulser. Duh. *Face palm*) So far, it seems to be working well! :) Stay tuned!
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