Here is the slow motion generator continuously working on top of a Bedini-Davro coil. Crude. No bearings- first successful attempt.
Since I made this video I have vastly improved the design.
The Lenz effect is something I had to deal with along with an improved bearing idea.

My SINGLE objective is to power all my devices with a 4.5 volt DC input power source. Then compare input power to whatever I get from the devices output.

In all cases I have standardized using the low 4.5 volt input voltage.

If I find I have more electrical power at the output than input I will attempt to direct part of the power back into the input to run the device. Not charge a battery of some sort. Thats been done many times before by others.
Any extra power will be used to run other devices.

Call it overunity, perpetual motion, or wishfull thinking if you will but its fun.

So far I have not achieved that goal but I believe I am getting closer. If you are interested in my line of thinking keep following my videos.
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