Bedini - Eccentric Pickup Coil - Lenz Effect Reduced

I forgot to mention that the eccentric coil is 34 Ohms and the conventional coil is 47 Ohms.

The eccentric coil is basically a PMH like Ed Leedskalnin wrote about and I replicated in an earlier video. I was under the impression that Ed used the PMH (perpetual motion holder) to drive his wheel. He may have, but now I see that it is used as a pickup coil.

Earlier in the evening, I had the 2 coils wired in series and hooked up to the run battery...directly...without switching or commutator and the wheel sustained it's speed very well. It used just a little more power than was created though. I think that if I get rid of the conventional pickup coil, and add a few more eccentric coils, that it will run on a capacitor. I will definately be doing more testing...just wanted to share what I saw, now.

I have a feeling that the effect seen here is related to Tom Bearden's M.E.G. (Motionless Electromagnetic Generator) and was replicated by J.L. Naudin.
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