Bedini High Voltage Without D.C. Power Supply

If you feel you need to tell me any motor can be a generator, then please read and try to understand what this is about. Or better yet see the second video I posted to help explain better. If you have questions or comments, I'd be happy to address them on the second video after you have watched it.
This is a continuation of a project started on a popular energy forum. The content of the video was primarily composed to show an alternative method of energizing the SSG circuit attached to the motor. This was originally intended for discussion on the forum. However, If you arent familiar with the circuit I'll try to explain how it works.
There are two separate windings on the stator. One winding does work like a permanent magnet generator. This section produces about 2 volts. The pulse from this coil fires a power transistor. The power transistor when turned on takes THE INPUT VOLTAGE / CURRENT FROM WHATEVER POWER SOURCE IS HOOKED UP TO THE CIRCUIT BOARD and energizes the second set of windings. The second set of windings and their associated stator legs push the rotor into rotation. When the pulse ends and the power transistor shuts off the collapse of the coils creates a back spike (EMF). This spike of high voltage or an event that is associated with it can be used to charge and condition batteries. Now the catch is THERE IS NO BATTERY OR BENCH POWER SUPPLY CONNECTED TO THE CIRCUIT INPUT WHICH IS USED TO POWER THE SECOND COILS when the rotor is being moved by hand. Even if you are not a forum member, not in support of the inventors theories or perhaps not familiar at all with this type project, consider a few other points: 1. Here is a salvaged printer mains drive motor that can be used as a motor for other applications if modified correctly. 2. This is a motor without brushes running from a single transistor circuit. That in itself is very interesting to me. 3. The motor can be used as a generator in a conventional manner even without modification. 4. The popular SSG circuit has been used by thousands of people to charge and restore lead acid batteries. Believer or Basher, associated experiments have great hobby value and give a person a chance to learn something about electrical components for no more than the cost of a good flashlight. All comments are normally welcome whether you are a forum member or not. In the past I've answered any questions you might have. All I ever ask is you keep it polite. Because of the trend of negativity. Recently I've decided it wasn't worth arguing with people anymore over this video so every once and a while I disable comments and take a break. Notice there are no claims of Free Energy or Over Unity on any of my posted videos. I really appreciate your subscriptions and visits to my channel. Please take a look at some of my other videos.
John H.
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