Bedini Imhotep CPU Fan charger

After fustration finally complete! Parts cpu fan rewound, 2Kohm potentiometer, 2N3055 npn transistor, IN4001 diode, GP15M diode Radioshack part # 276-1114 1.5A 1000V this diode works in place of IN4007 diode. Rewound CPU Fan stator 1 clockwise. Stator 2 counter clockwise. (Then i started again with a separate wire for stators 3 and 4 ) (use another wire for stator 3 too stator 4 ) stator 3 clockwise, and Stator 4 counter clockwise. After completing the stator windings you should have 4 wires stator 1 negative stator 2 positive stator 3 negative and stator 4 positive. the magnet wire I used is kind of large only was able to wind 100 Turns on each stator. Imhotep designed this Bedini CPU Fan charging system and he has a YouTube video on rewinding a CPU fan ( Bifiller double winding) I only used single windings my wire is too large but it works!.
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