Bedini monopole motor - finally spinning


I've had the parts to build one of these on my shelf for over a year - I thought it was about time I dusted them off and actually put the thing together.

I first tried it with some small ceramic magnets attached to a hard-drive platter. But this only put out about 7-10mV - which did not seem to be enough to get the switching function going.

Replacing it with a low friction bearing from a VCR, a plastic CD spacer and some "rare earth" magnets seemed to do the trick.

The iron coil attracts the magnet, but then when it draws level it generates a trigger pulse that switches on the coil - this reverse magnetises the core and pushes the magnet away. The cycle then repeats with the next magnet.

Basically this is a super-efficient motor.

But it's rumoured to be the basis of a zero point energy device as well...

[Cue Twilight Zone Music]
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