Bedini Motor Radiant Energy Generator A Scam Or Is It Real

Talking about my Bedini Motor. This is the SSG (Simplified School Girl) motor. This is also known as a Radiant Energy Generator. But this is NOT a perpetual motion device. You must put a little bit of energy into the system in order to make it run. But if it puts out more energy then who am I to deny this?

I use my Bedini motor to restore sulfated lead acid batteries all the time. This particular machine is almost 8 years old now and still restoring old sulfated lead acid batteries.

The Bedini SSG works by pulsing high voltage spikes of radiant energy into the batteries being restored or charged. There is a wheel with magnets on it. There is a coil with two sets of wires wound together. And a few electronics parts, the most important part being a transistor.

As a magnet passes the coil it generates a bit of energy in the trigger coil. This turns on the transistor, energizing the power coil. The power coil repels the magnets which is now already passing by the coil. It gets a bit of a shove to help it on its way. The power battery is used for this.

Now here is where the interesting thing happens. When the magnet is past the coil, the transistor is turned off. The power to the power coil is turned off. The collapsing field of energy in the coil is normally called Back EMF. In standard electronics we ground this energy out. But in the Bedini motor we use this energy and send it to the batteries to be charged.

This energy is called Radiant Energy. It is non conventional energy.

There is a field of energy all around us in what is called the Dirac Sea. This is a virtually unlimited amount of energy which is just waiting for us to tap into and use. Tesla experimented with this energy long ago. It is nothing new to us.

To tap into this energy field we simply need to disrupt it. It normally sits in a sort of resting state. When we pulse energy into a coil of wire very quickly, it disrupts this resting energy field. If pulsed fast enough with voltage and no current, then you get more energy. This energy follows the coil of wire, into the batteries we want to restore.

Tesla discovered that voltage travels faster than current. By switching the coil on and off fast enough, you get spikes of voltage flowing through the coil but no current. This disrupts the Radiant energy field and it follows the wires into your batteries.

I will be making another video soon describing the Bedini Motor and Radiant Energy in more detail. I also plan to build a Bedini Motor on video and show you how it is done.

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