Bedini Multi-coil SSG Runs 24/7 on Renewable Energy

Using a bedini multi-coil SSG as DC pulse motor to derive greater efficiency through use as a ceiling fan. The transient (back EMF) spikes that are generated from the fast switching MJL21194 transistors, instead of being wasted as in typical DC motors, are being sent to charge a separate 12 volt battery bank. (aside from the powering 24volt solar array bank)

See schematic (Bedini multi-coil SSG) @ 5:04 mins of the video. And for all the info and lots of illustrations about how the wheel was built, check out my project website @ http://www.modvid.com/bedini/ (Note- almost a 6 year old page)

At the time of this video recording my power in/out levels were as follows...
INPUT (from solar charged 12 battery array) = 25.8 volts @ .91 amps for 23.478 watts
OUTPUT (to 2 battery pair) = 14 volts @ .68 amps for 9.52 watts
Heat and mechanical losses @ multi-coil SSG and fan = 13.958 watts (not bad I think)

I will be setting up Cree LED lighting which will be ran exclusively off that back EMF that charges the secondary battery bank. Watch for follow up video !

Basically i'm trying to run my inverter as little as possible as that is where there are consistent losses.
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