Bedini Renaissance Battery Rejuvenator & Charger

Bedini Renaissance Battery Rejuvenator & Charger.
This John Bedini patented designed battery charger is not just a battery charger but a very high quality battery rejuvenator that will not often restore batteries that are thought to be bad. I will work on almost any size battery from 1.2 volts to 24 volts up to a 7 amp-hour battery capacity. Often this John Bedini designed battery charger and battery rejuvenator will safely get more charge into a battery initially and also allows the battery to be charged many more times, so the overall effect is to get much more useful life out of your batteries. This is especially important when you have cordless portable power tools that use very expensive batteries. Often people will throw away a portable power tool because the replacement battery is almost as costly as the replacement cordless battery operated power tool or drill. If needed, this universal Bedini Renaissance Battery Rejuvenator & Charger can charge batteries larger than 7 amp hours but I would only charge a larger battery for 7 hours at a time and give the charger 30 to 60 minutes time to cool down in between cycles. So this universal charger could actually charger almost any battery is used with some caution and given some time.
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