Bedini Rodin Motor and Rodin Coil Generator 100VAC

Bedini SSG motor with 18AWG 9inch Rodin Coil boosting it. I nicknamed it a Rodini motor. Seen running here on 40VDC input, spinning a 1 inch N42 neodymium sphere magnet. Then I bring in the 24AWG 6inch Rodin Coil as a generator coil, and measure over 100 volts alternating current being generated. Then I simply attach a lightbulb to the generator coil, and light 'er up! Circuit diagram included in vid - note I am bypassing the 100ohm resistor in this video, and the 18AWG (brown) Rodin Coil is connected in parallel to the B1 and B2 wires on the circuit.
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