Bedini Solid State charger, My biggest coil Yet !

Bedini SS charger,
4.2kg coil, 21 wires litz together, about 300 feet long / 6.3 ohms, 310 turns, 20 power windings & 1 trigger wire.
laminated aluminium / iron oxide film core

input power 13v @ 3 amps - charging 48v 50ah battery bank
up to 64v (cold boiling)

Once switched off the batteries settle back down to 54.2 v.

when input power is increased to 29v @ 4.75 amps - charging only takes 30min`s : ),

(theses batteries have been discharged/recharged for at least 3 months now and where discarded car battery`s which cost me nothing but the small expense of power input & time)

The result`s are very interesting so far !
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