Bedini SSG running my Tesla Slayer Exciter Coil

[Edit/Update: I'm now doing it the other way around... Slayer powers Bedini... wireless power transfer betwen two slayer towers... and the bedini is attached to the receiver.. good fun. Also funny looking back at my first video only 4 weeks later. How nervous was I!
Check this out if you'd like to see how I got on. thanks for your support. ]

2 x Bedini SSG outputs running directly into a Tesla Slayer / Exciter

Hey guys.. before I tear my slayer apart (again) I want to show you it running on my little bedini rotor I made from an old hard drive and some neo mags. You get £1 for everytime I say "20 volts"... send me an invoice hehe.
I want to decrease the primary turns next to see if the output on the slayer goes up. And yeah I did go a bit crazy with the size of the secondary.. you got to try these things. It took about an hour to wind and make off the ends - I use a power drill with slow start and a very steady hand.
For building secondarys try using 12mm threaded bar from the hardward store and some large washers + nuts. I cut an empty solder reel in two and use that for end caps for the pipe - the holes in the middle will be the guide for your 12mm threaded bar while you turn it. Make sure the chuck on your drill can fit the threaded bar "before" you buy it!! (smaller threaded bar is available) I wanted to use my portable drill but the chuck was too small for 12mm - hence my power drill was used. Mount it all up in a simple U shape jig and you'll be turning secondarys out like there's no tomorrow.
The circuit is very easy to make - If I can do this ....anyone can!

Tip: Coax cable works great as a primary - it's cheap and there's lots of it laying around in peoples garages. I saw Eric Dollard using it on one of his tesla coils (he doesn't use the screen). I'm pretty sure it worked with the screen and centre core joined when i was messing around testing it - just use the centre core if you're setting up a new coil.

My coil is grounded - I'm using the ground wire in my house. My setup was unstable without a ground - that is... it kept giving me a little nip when I touched the head sink. I also found that my volt meter went crazy (started beeping at one point) and I couldn't t get a stable amp draw reading. The output on my coil significantly increaed once I grounded it. Be safe.
I recommend getting a small analog amp meter from fleaBay £5 ish .

My Bedini's are std SSG circuits with 2n6547 Transistors - MrAngusWangus can help you with a video for making those. My SSG circuits are the same layout he uses - credited to http://www.daftman.000a.biz/circuits.html

My Slayer has:
Primary 9 turns - 4mm stranded copper (from twin & earth)
Secondary 2000 turns - 30 guage (72cm high)
Transistor 2n6547
10K potentiometer - set at 10K

Circuit is the standard solid state circuit:

..and for anything else, please just ask me.

With special thanks to everyone on YT who has helped me. You know who you all are.
I've not had any electrical training (can you tell hehehe). I just know a little bit of this and a little bit of that... thanks to "you" I'm able to join some dots, learn heaps, and build some cool stuff.
I hope I can bring something to the table that will help others, if only to have some fun building and perhaps learn a little about this crazy world we live in on the way.

Stay tuned - more to come.
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