Bedini SSG Test

This video shows my attempt to build a Bedini "SSG" type device. Plans for building the device are widely available on Youtube and elsewhere. A few details: the wheel is a 16 inch aluminum bicycle rim. I used 12 C8 ceramic magnets evenly spaced around the rim. The coil is a bifilar winding of 20 and 24 gauge magnet wire. I didn't count the turns, I just filled up the spindle I had. (I estimate there are about 500 turns on it). The coil core is made of slender steel surveyor's flags, snipped to length. The transistor is a 2N3055. The two diodes are one 1N4001 and one 1N4007. The potentiometer is a 1K-5K pot, and the resistor is 147 Ohms. The connecting wire is 22 gauge solid copper bell wire. The base is laminated pine and the wheel supports are poplar. The device runs well on 6 volt batteries, but in this video I am using a UB1250 12 volt gel batttery for input and two 6 volt lantern batteries (in series) on the output. I have not installed a neon safety bulb yet.
Electricity is my hobby. Though many consider this an over-unity device, I am not convinced this machine is capable of that. (I'm not convinced over-unity is ever possible). But it does charge ordinary non-rechargeable batteries, and it was an interesting project to build.
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