Bedini SSG with Pendulum, not Wheel--Will it go 360 degrees?

At a recent local Maker Faire I saw some engineering students with a homebuilt electromagnet pendulum clock. It struck me their mechanism was similar to the pulsing coil of the Bedini SSG, so I went home and whipped up a simple magnetic pendulum for my smaller Bedini machine. It consists of a length of basswood, a basswood dowel for an axle (I keep saying "axis" in the video!), and a single C8 ferrite magnet at the end. This is the same type of magnet I used on the wheel. With a homemade 12 volt power supply, I activated the pendulum and . . . well, watch and see. The power supply consists of a 12 volt doorbell transformer, a full wave bridge rectifier, and a 1000 uF electrolytic capacitor. The circuitry is exactly the same as in my first Bedini machine video.
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