Bedini Tesla Switch, What's wrong with it? It KILLS Batteries!

I am going to talk to you about what is wrong with Bedini's Tesla Switch and show you several very important clips from Bedini himself to forever settle this issue. The one is an 1984 long audio clip from Bedini where he tells you about how he first discovered this idea in his first Energizer that he only did once and wrote a book about. Later I show a clip from my 2010 Convention where he says the Watson machine kills the one battery system. This system is essentially the Bedini Tesla Switch in regards to the batteries. This last clip shows Bedini telling you how the battery is ruined. Yet Bedini never figures out or lets the public known that this is exactly the same process as the Tesla Switch. I explain all this while showing his actual Tesla Switch as shown at the 1984 Tesla Symposium. I explain also why this kills the batteries in such systems as well as with solar charging systems from actually real world experience with working with batteries my whole life. I show how Bedini revealed himself to not do proper and sufficient experiments and produced and promoted many battery killing products over the years. I also show how Carlos Benitez 100 years ago developed the real switch this idea is based from, and how Patrick Kelly's Free Energy book also misleads you in the same ways. It is time for a new generation of people to stand up and speak the truth in this matters and cut through this misinformation and save people seeking free energy money, time, and faith. Let 2017 be a new year for this!

This is kind of a two part series, the next of which may be done tomorrow. And it can be sort of considered part of a seven part series on John C Bedini where I am trying to give you a more realisitic picture of Bedini as from someone who really knew him with actual video and detail not seen before or noticed. This is part of setting the record straight. John always joked and knew that I would write a book on all this in the end. While I don't have the time or interest to focus so much on him, I feel it is my obligation to correct what misconseptions I may have contributed to and help others not go off the track as I have seen so many do. Lastly, I have let slander go uncorrected for some years now, so it is time to give out some of the facts to set those records straight. It is my hope that we can move on from 2016 and previous years and personalities to a much more efficient and useful day. That 2017 will be a new beginning of hope and faith and love and were we can see people work together like never before.

There are thousands of things to remember about these processes and this technology. I was rereading from Bearden's EFTV book where he talked about John doing a motor that was back-popped and run on itself for 5 years. This story very much relates to this discussion. I simply forgot about it. As I said, there is a lot to cover in this subject. I don't remember how much information John Bedini shared about this if anything. It is hard to remember what he shared on the groups from what he shared in person in some matters. He may have shared something about this on the SG group or hinted at it. But what he shared with me is that the battery in that one system that ran for years was completely ruined. It functioned like a capacitor and was good for nothing. I'm not sure why he didn't keep it running or if it couldn't continue after that time. The point is that the back popping system is the same thing as the Tesla Switch and Watson machine. All of them destroy the battery. But it is significant that even when the battery was ruined it was still used in the system. In these last few videos I showed pictures of several small 1 battery SG circuit motors. The batteries on these were over 10 or 20 years old and the motors still started up and ran. These never were run for a long time, but the alkaline batteries are like good capacitors as the original school girl found out in her little motor. So while the concept can work in a way, it is a battery killer in the end. There are ways around that that I don't have time to get into at the present. But not the way John presented. The Bedini Tesla Switch and like systems destroy the batteries according to all instructions given to the public. And that is my point.
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