Bedini Wheel - 7 Coiler - Plus Generator Setup

I forgot that I wanted to say that I stuck a screw driver across the cap and shorted it out....it slowed the wheel down about 20% but didn't even come close to stopping. Tomorrow I'm going to put 2 more PMH pickup coils on it in series...then send it through a stepdown transformer (to about 14v) and into a deep cycle 12v battery. I don't expect the wheel to slow down much with that arrangement.

Ed said "Ring bell twice, drop below." I believe the bell to be the coil (resonant loop) on the PMH. Ringing it twice I believe means to hit it with both sides of the magnet simultaneously (also like the Kromrey device). If you step the voltage down and then use it there is much less slowing of the wheel....I've tested this in the past. So this means that Ed was a munchkin that spoke in riddles...lol.

Oh ya, I'm also going to try driving the Bedini with my PWM w/variable freq. Pulsing the cumulative frequency of the coils together may make all the difference for efficiency and power/torque/speed...could make it sing a little too. There is a vid out there called "Ed's Toolroom," in it you will see mounted to a board on the wall, variable capacitors and large resistors. This tells me that Ed was also playing with the frequency.

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