Bedini Window Motor - Radiant Charger

I made this video to provide a clear example of what radiant energy (static electricity) looks like on a Bedini motor. On this motor, you can see blue sparks on the mechanical, magnetic triggered switch, which is called a "reed switch." The Reed switch does NOT spark when the contacts close, but upon disconnecting, a back EMF spike is produced, which produces the radiant energy, and this produces a beautiful blue spark. The spark occurs on the disconnect, which is proof that there is energy occurring on an open circuit - this energy normally gets wasted, and without a charging battery hooked to this, the power is being wasted.

This is a Bedini window motor. For experimental purposes, it uses mechanical reed switching to provide a clear example of radiant electricity being produced. There are 3 coils of wire. 1 coil is the power wire, the 2nd coil is a charging wire, and the 3rd coil is a pickup coil, which is optional, and not used in this configuration. Note that in this video, the radiant energy is not being used for anything.

This motor can easily be used like an SSG (simple school girl). You can use the radiant energy that is produced to charge batteries. You simply hook up a bridge rectifier on the secondary coil, and your done!

Contrary to some popular opinions, the radiant charging of this charger is just as powerful as an SSG. The switching speed is very rapid, since there is a mechanical reed switch triggered by 1/16" Neo magnets. This motor is more complex than an SSG, but personally I find it much more attractive and interesting. It can be made to spin at very high RPM without a lot of inertia, and the very large coil provides 600 volt radiant spikes! The only downside is that the coil uses very small gauge wire, which isn't ideal for charging large batteries, so you'll need to rig up a system of discharging into capacitors first, then dumping the capacitor into a battery, which is called "impedence matching." The reason is, batteries have low resistance (low impedance) and this can cancel the radiant energy if you are using really thin wire - as with this motor. You can use thicker gauge wire like 19 gauge and it will fix the problem so you can charge a battery directly.

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