Bedini/Schoolgirl from junk

This is a quickly tossed together schoolgirl/bedini 'motor'. There is no charge battery hooked up. It is using 4AA batteries that are only giving around 4v under load. This consumed ~80mA...pulsed of course. The speed continued to pick up until it was decided it was getting dangerous. lol
The coil is a bifilar wrapped leftover Teflon tape bobin. Power coil is 30AWG and the trigger is 34AWG......80ft of wire was used. The ceramic magnets used are 3/4" cheepies that were probably from the local arts and crafts store....don't know for sure. The 2n3055 transistor was recovered from some dead electronic....also...don't know for sure. The rotor is and old hard drive disc glued to a piece of wood with some electrical tape rolls rubber banded to the bottom for weight and height. Rotor will rotate whichever way you start it. The pot is leftover from and old project it is 1k and the resistor is 220....leftover from another project.
The coil was not wrapped all perfect...there is way too much wire connecting everything....the power source is not high enough voltage, the rotor is too big among other things that could make this work much better. The pot and resistor are connected from positive to the base. The trigger is wired from the negative to the base. The power coil is wired from the positive to the collector. The coil will 'sing' when it will run.
I am not responsible if you hurt build these things at your own risk. Magnets have flown off of these motors and punctured have been warned.
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