Ben Builds: Charge your Phone for FREE | DIY Solar Panel Phone Charger

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In this video I will guide you through the process of creating your own solar panel phone charger that is capable of charging your phone should you find yourself out of battery. This charger is perfect for go kits and emergencies and will allow you to tap into some of the (practically) limitless power of the sun!

Instructable Tutorial: http://goo.gl/7jCy3L

Here is the full schematic for the project: https://goo.gl/I7G6v2
Schematic Alternate: http://goo.gl/ouD5jt

As promised, here is the materials list along with links to buy some of the more complicated pieces:

1 5w Solar Panel Buy: http://goo.gl/zvYnDp (Exact panel I got has been out of stock for ~a year, this will be a suitable replacement.)

1 DC/DC Buck Converter Buy: http://goo.gl/Z672Tz

Some Perfboard/Protoboard Buy: http://goo.gl/3Yc1kt

2 47k ohm Resistors Buy: http://goo.gl/rmqCgw

2 51k ohm Resistors Buy: http://goo.gl/rmqCgw

1 220 ohm Resister Buy: http://goo.gl/rmqCgw

1 Green or Red LED (optional)

USB A Port

Heat Shrink Tubing

Super Glue

Electrical Tape

Spade Connectors (optional)



You will also need the following tools:

Soldering Iron


Wire Strippers or Wire Cutters

Common Screwdriver


Power Supply

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Created by Benjamin Bogard
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