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Visit -- LeapAdaptive Releases the Hummingbird, a hybrid nest for people.

This completely customizable living unit raises the bar in the energy efficient green home department. Measuring in at a mere 480 square feet the Hummingbird packs a lot of luxurious punch for it's diminutive size. It boasts a bedroom suite with a full bathroom, a kitchen designed for energy efficient appliances, a cozy great room with a linear ribbon-fire (this is not your parent's fireplace), and a deck for relaxing in the open air. This marvelous little wonder will dart its way into your heart as a vibrant, versatile, and efficient dwelling solution.

The efficient footprint of this cozy dwelling is brimming with eco-friendly details. From the passive solar design framework to the low VOC materials and finishes, this house is streamlined for comfortable and healthy living with a minimum impact on the environment. The Hummingbird is available as a set of plans, as a pre-fabricated do-it-yourself building kit, or as an assembled unit delivered to your building site. A complete contractor constructed home starts at an affordable $79,995 with many options available for customization.

LEAP Adaptive, a home design group based in San Diego, California, combines style and sophistication with efficiency and economy to create homes that are both comfortable and sustainable. Director of Design Brian Darnell, a California architect with 22 years of experience in residential estate design, combines a pragmatic approach with cutting-edge green technology to prove that less really can be more. "The lust for size and grandeur has given way to the realization that the economics and ecology of our flattening world can no longer support such extravagance," says Darnell. And so the Hummingbird is born.

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