Big Rig HHO Dry Cell - 3 Weeks Installed And Running

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This is 3 weeks after I constructed this custom cell and installed it in this 2001 Volvo NVL 630, with a Cummins N14 885cu in diesel. The cell is operating at less than 33% of total capabilities. This is intentional, so the unit stays cool for very long periods of time. But also, we didn't upgrade the Volvo's alternator.

Everything is kosher and running smoothly. The Cummins N14 uses a Celect Plus ECM, and is not tuned to lean out the fuel pump. So everything is running in stock condition.

This is my first Semi and this truck is used for Hog/Cow Hauling.

KOH: 28%
Voltage: 13.8v
Amps: 100 Amp

Truck: 2001 Volvo VNL630
Engine: Cummins N14
ECM: Celect Plus
Mileage: 818,000 miles

Pre HHO Installation
MPG: 6.1-6.5 depending on load and conditions

Current Specs Post HHO Installation:
MPG 8.5-9.0 depending on load and conditions

*Note: Unit is using a single 100 amp pwm... Second 100 amp pwm has not been installed. Cell operates cool, no steam. This cell is operating at less than 33% of it's capabilities...

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