Biopower- Electricity From Waste


Mang'u school is a typical school in Kenya. It has 1000 students. Water source is a borehole. It uses national grid to pump water. All the waste water was previously disposed into septic tanks. But this has now changed. Bio Power Systems Ltd has built biogas digesters as part of a pilot 20kw biogas-electric project. The project demonstrates how waste can be used to generate electrical energy. The generated electrical energy is used to pump water for the school. Since August 2011, two school technicians have been trained. Since then, they have operated the system and under the guidance of Bio Power Systems Ltd, they have been running the generator every day to pump water. Since August 2011 to January 2012, 1,200 M3 of biogas has been converted to electricity. This gas (methane) would have been emitted to the atmosphere. Even though the project is not perfect, it has demonstrated to the 1000 students how waste can be converted to energy. The project offers an excellent opportunity to make a long-lasting positive effect on the lives of young people who will graduate through the school every year. They will in future become better innovators in the recovery of energy from waste.
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