BMS HIL Testing Accelerates xEV Battery Pack Development

The key to accelerating development of electrified vehicle (xEV) batteries is to decouple the interdependencies which exist between development of battery management electronics and firmware, and the development of cells and packs. Advanced modeling, simulation, and test techniques can be used to develop the electronics and firmware concurrently with the cells and packs, thereby expediting xEV battery development cycles. Specifically, hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing may be used to run a model of any xEV component or system in real time, in order to test another component, system, or embedded software. In this session, Peter Blume presents how HIL testing is employed by RDVS and Jaguar Land Rover to perform xEV battery management system (BMS) firmware regression testing and validation. Additionally, Peter discusses how advanced HIL testing helps to maximize test coverage, which improves quality, reliability, and safety of xEV battery packs.
This presentation was recorded at The Battery Show Expo for Advanced Batteries in Novi, MI on September 17, 2015.
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