Bottle plasma reactor - Part 2

In this video (two parts: total 15 minutes) Nuclear engineer Keshe demonstrates with a non-acidic liquid inside a simple waste-bottle, used as a plasma reactor, that it is possible to create low levels of energy and that atomic carbon-layers are deposited on the inside electrodes, which is confirmed by a Nuclear Center after independent replication, and is confirmed by a leading Nano-Institute in Europe after Raman spectroscopy. For the creation of the carbon sp2 and sp3 and the energy, no additional sources like magnets, lasers, arcs or gamma rays is used. See

The experiment happens at room temperature and normal atmospheric pressure.

To Keshe, the physical interactions and events which are forced inside the plasma reactor are similar or identical to those that happen over a longer time-scale on micro- and macro-level in the Universe, like the formation of stars and galaxies, supernova's, black holes, dark matter, gravitational effects, radiation, fission and fusion, and so on.
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