Brian Levy's 210 Square Foot MODERN Tiny House- WITH NO LOFT!

See for more information of this house and for tours of this house and information on building micro

AND...Check out Deek's book on Cabins, Tiny House, Shelter, and Tree House Ideas and concepts- in comic-book-like form, HERE-

In this episode/tour, Derek "Deek" Diedricksen (HGTV, Tiny Yellow House, and The DIY NETWORK), travels to Washington DC to visit the micro modern home of Brian Levy- "The Minim House". This home has some GREAT space efficiency ideas within it, from its trundle bed and seating combo, to its "plug in" and versatile table/coffee table. Its one of the more modern tiny homes/houses out there, and beautiful crafted- and was recently showcased in Dwell Magazine as well!
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