Build #3 of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine from Wood Siding

This is the third version of the vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) made from cedar siding lumber. It's very close to the Lenz style of VAWTs. These type of wind turbines are fun to build. Lots of room for improvements and coming up with new ideas.For example:
- the hubs with bearings came from my portable generator. Had a handy stem that could easily be lubricated with a grease gun
- the struts for the scoop (Lenz style) of blades were extended to clear the generator (see "Adding a Motor")
- Used boiled linseed oil to seal the wood parts. The stain lasts forever, cheap and works great against the sun UV rays
- Did a quick test on top of our house, but, nothing really happened. (The garage door motor was not hooked up) The wind is quite poor in our residential area. Plus, without the aid of mirrors or a surveillance system, it's difficult to see it spin. Better to have it on a pole, instead of on top of your house.
- The VAWT was designed to be mounted on top of a tall tree.
- At the moment, there is a generator motor on it, but, it does not turn well with the belt pulley system. The friction is too high and it needs a lot of wind.
- Had to take it down after 4 days. The neighbours started to ask questions and I didn't want the bylaw officer give me a ticket. (I guess some people are just not into VAWTS!)

Aces High and Cut and Run by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a CC Attribution 3.0.
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